Boise Cooperative Preschool is a developmental preschool, which values the importance of all aspects of human development – social, emotional, creative, physical, cognitive, and verbal. As a cooperative, teachers and families work together to create a classroom community where children are nurtured and supported in their exploration and discoveries. We emphasize the process of learning through play and interaction with others, rather than focusing on a specific result. Our curriculum and materials in the classroom are designed to support our philosophy. Our school depends on the work of many people, each contributing in their own unique way. Together, we strive to provide our children with a safe, stimulating, and fun environment away from home. Every family belonging to the Boise Cooperative Preschool is valued and supported.

Excerpt from our original handbook in 1973:

Nursery age children are creative, if someone responds positively to their efforts to find truth about their world. You don’t have to stimulate their creativity, but you do have to give encouragement and guidance the most sensitive and alert guidance and direction. As a parent or nursery teacher, one must provide a relationship in which it is possible for one thing to lead to another. One must be willing to become part of their world and go with them along untried pathways.

It is our goal, whenever possible to provide a program in which our children can discover and express themselves through creative experiences. They will be encouraged through art, music, nature, share, stories, and situations… but, above all, by response to their ideas and respect for their ability to discover for themselves the delightful world around them.

**Original handbook archived with the president’s files if you would like to take a look.**