In 1972, a group of dedicated parents understood the importance of being involved in their children’s early childhood educational experience and the Boise Cooperative Nursery School was founded. The Boise Cooperative Nursery School prided itself in its nondiscriminatory and nondenominational policies. The Co-op believed in building a classroom community where everyone was welcome. In 1973 we incorporated with the help of Attorney, John Runft. We began our 40+ year history in the First Baptist Church of Boise, moving to the First Congregational Church in 1976 due to philosophical differences. We changed our name with our new address, becoming The Boise Cooperative Preschool. We grew and flourished in this setting for 25 years, becoming a well-known and respected school. In 2002, for fire code reasons, we moved to our current location at Trinity Fellowship Church.

We were granted 501c status in 1979, enabling us to run our preschool as an official nonprofit corporation. A board of directors consisting of current BCP parents runs the preschool in accordance with our corporation bylaws that govern us. Our teachers are our only paid staff. Parent volunteers handle all administrative duties, and the tuition costs reflect the expenses of running our school. Four half scholarships are available on a need basis. All funds in excess are put back into the school.