Goals and Benefits

Goals For Your Child…

  • To make a happy transition from home to school.
  • To learn to respect and get along with others.
  • To feel secure with adults, both teachers and other parents.
  • To develop self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • To share – both objects and adult attention.
  • To learn some acceptable ways of expressing emotion.
  • To develop problem-solving skills.
  • To experience growth in verbal expression.
  • To explore creative materials such as clay, paint, and water.
  • To develop an interest in living things.
  • To take responsibility for personal care.
  • To improve his/her ability to finish what is begun.
  • To help clean up and put away materials used.
  • To have a happy, secure, and stimulating learning environment away from home
  • To discover new creative experiences
  • To learn important social skills of sharing, listening, and accepting direction
  • To develop a positive self image through individual attention and encouragement

Benefits For You…

  • To observe your child in relation to a group of youngsters of approximately the same age.
  • To achieve objectivity concerning your child.
  • To learn new techniques of communicating with your child.
  • To talk about your child’s growth with a trained educator as well as with other parents.
  • To work creatively with a group.
  • To share in your child’s first school experiences
  • To work alongside your child’s teacher and to participate in group activities
  • To make many adult friends and to work cooperatively together for the school


And you both will have a lot of fun!!

There are always two parent helpers at each class session. Having parent helpers keeps our tuition low, keeps our ratio of adults to children at 1:4, and most importantly, it promotes greater parental understanding of children’s development by direct experience and participation with children in the preschool program.